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CHIP changes lives, two generations at a time.

Our Mission

CHIP works with families, caught in the cycle of poverty. Families who are committed to creating a better life for their children and themselves. Using proven best practices to intervene early, CHIP prepares parents to be their child’s first and most important teacher.

Our Goals

CHIP’s goals are twofold: to ensure that young children living in low income families receive consistent, quality health care prenatally through age six; and to provide a family-centered case management system that fosters health, stability, good parenting, and self-sufficiency.

Chip's Goals

Who We Serve

The following statistics describe families who started changing their families’ lives in FY14.

Average age of moms: 26 yrs
Average age of dads: 30 yrs
52% of moms have a high school diploma or GED
59% of dads have a high school diploma or GED
30% of moms have a chronic health condition
20% of dads have a chronic health condition
53% of moms have a diagnosed or suspected mental health issue

Average number of children: 2.0 per family
Average age of children at enrollment: 2.2 yrs
22% of children have a chronic medical condition

18% of families do not speak English as their primary language