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Traditionally, children from low income families lack access to medical care and may receive fragmented, limited, and sporadic services from clinics or hospital emergency rooms. Studies show that children develop the mental, physical, and psychological competencies in their early years that will determine their future potential. Therefore, it is essential that young children receive consistent preventive and primary care in these formative years.

The CHIP of Virginia network is responsible for increasing access to health care for thousands of Virginia’s low income children and their families. CHIP targets children from birth to age six, when comprehensive prevention-oriented services make the greatest impact in the life of a young child.

Central to CHIP’s mission is the creation of a relationship between a child and a primary care provider – a medical home that provides cost-effective prevention services in a consistent setting. Studies have shown that having a regular source of care reduces child health expenditures by over 20%

CHIP also links each family with a CHIP team consisting of a public health nurse and a outreach worker. A cornerstone of the CHIP program is the partnership between the outreach worker and the nurse who work as a team with the family and service providers. The CHIP team coaches families with complex social, behavioral, or medical challenges to more efficient and cost-effective use of health care and community services.

The CHIP team takes a capacity-building approach to working with families, helping them set and reach goals to achieve financial independence and to build parental confidence. CHIP’s model of working with rather than for families gives parents the power to make changes in their lives and helps them reach their full potential.

CHIP’s comprehensive approach improves the health of children, families and communities, promotes parental involvement, and strengthens each family’s ability to move toward self-sufficiency and to provide a stable environment where children grow up healthy, safe, ready to learn and ready to succeed.

The Network…

The CHIP of Virginia network includes local programs operating in 27 Virginia communities who served 3,100 children and 400 pregnant women in 2,400 families in FY13.  The local CHIP programs employ over 150 program staff members.

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