CHIP Services

CHIP changes lives, two generations at a time.

Smiling babyCHIP provides services through a home visiting model using a case management approach. Services are provided by a CHIP team of a public health nurse and outreach worker who work in partnership with the family and service providers to help each family reach full potential.

Essential Program Components

  • Medical Home: CHIP is committed to the philosophy that the promotion of wellness and the improvement of health for children begin with a medical home that provides accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family centered, coordinated, and compassionate health care to infants and children. CHIP sites work with families and communities to ensure that each child (0-6) and their older siblings are able to access and use a medical home.
  • Health Supervision: CHIP provides coordinated health supervision that promotes wellness, prevents illness and injury, and enhances normal growth and development. These CHIP services complement the efforts of the medical home.
  • Family Support: CHIP is committed to addressing the complex social needs through partnering with families and other community programs. CHIP family support services build on the strengths of caregivers to provide for the total well-being of their children.
  • Parenting Education: CHIP helps parents know what to expect developmentally as their infants grow into toddlers, and preschoolers. CHIP supports parents in their roles as their child’s first and best teacher knowing that during the early years, they learn through play. Focusing on parent-child interaction and child development, CHIP helps families maximize brain development so that each child can begin school ready to learn and succeed.

Guiding Principles:

  • We value families, recognize their unique qualities, and build on family strengths.
  • We value children and work to enhance each child’s potential.
  • We believe in and support the capacity of families to provide for the well-being of their children.
  • We believe in the value of a medical home for all children, to promote wellness and improve the health status of children and their families.
  • We believe that the multifaceted needs of low-income families are best addressed through a family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated, community-based approach.
  • We believe that, when provided with knowledge and the resources to act on that knowledge, families will have the power to make positive life decisions for their members and to make a contribution to their communities.

CHIP is a strengths-based program

  • CHIP staff members work with the family to complete a strengths-based family needs assessment that identifies the attributes, skills and resources that each family can use as a foundation on which to build. CHIP staff members assist each family in setting goals, then develop plans to meet those goals.
  • Any referred family who meets the eligibility criteria may choose to participate in CHIP, (based on available capacity) and may decline CHIP services at any time.

Eligibility – To be enrolled in CHIP, a family

  • Has one or more children between birth and six years old, or is expecting a baby
  • Has an income level at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
  • Lives in a locality with a CHIP program

CHIP Core Services

  • Screening, Assessment and Planning: Services to assess family and child strengths and needs, leading to the development of family service plans. Assessments include child health, development, and safety; family wellness and stability; parent work experience and employability.
  • Education and Support: Services to assist parents in acquiring parenting skills, learning about growth and development, promoting the health and well-being of their families, and increasing self-sufficiency.
  • Follow-Up: Activities to ensure that necessary services are received by families, and are effective in meeting their needs.
  • Referral and Outreach: Services that link families to available community resources and ensure connection to appropriate community agencies.