CHIP changes lives, two generations at a time.

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Doug Pierce, pediatrician in Roanoke, realized that issues related to poverty negatively impacted children’s health and development. His idea was to send people into the home to teach parents how they can support their children’s health. The Kellogg foundation saw the wisdom in this approach and supported CHIP’s spread into other communities in Virginia. Other policy makers began to support CHIP’s approach through federal and state grants. Our outcomes have continued to show positive impact resulting in our ability to obtain fee for service contracts with Medicaid Managed Care companies to prevent preterm births and improve chronic health conditions. Children were born healthier, parents were better able to keep their children safe, and prepare them for school. Family stability increased and parents’ employment status improved.

  • Virginia’s Joint Commission on Healthcare recommends increased funding for CHIP services.
  • CHIP of Virginia named Parents as Teachers State Office for Virginia
2010 – 2013
  • Single community CHIP programs merge:
    CHIP of Petersburg becomes part of CHIP of Greater Richmond/Family Lifeline.
    CHIP of Norfolk and CHIP of Portsmouth become part of CHIP of Chesapeake, renamed CHIP of South Hampton Roads
  • CHIP begins its second managed care contract, partnering with Virginia Premier to provide fee-for-service case management for high-risk pregnant women, babies discharged from the NICU, and young children with asthma or other special health care needs.
  • AMCHP (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs) selects CHIP of Virginia’s Partners in Pregnancy program as one of two Promising Practices identified nationwide.
  • CHIP enters into unique partnership with PEATC & Healthy Families to begin using the Parents as Teachers (PAT) curriculum in CHIP sites
  • CHIP of Virginia celebrates 15th Anniversary

An archived full history of CHIP can be found here